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‘We worked with Emma on a piece of work that developed our own understanding of the broader funding landscape and how we could support our arts sector in Wales to become more attractive to trusts and foundations. As a result we’ve seen stronger relationships with other funders established, and many new opportunities for arts in Wales.’   Arts Council of Wales 

At National Dance Company Wales we’ve been working with Emma/Blue Canary for 5 years, developing our fundraising with trusts, individuals and corporates. Early on she helped us understand where there was potential in our programme for fundraising, and informed our strategy for future growth. Her approach has enabled and supported change in the organisation, so that we’re more ‘funder ready’ than we’ve ever been. Paul Kaynes, Chief Executive, NDCWales

Working with Emma has meant we now have sound governance, a valued reputation in our community, and a base of operations in our area that is already attracting multiple sources of support.

We learnt that fundraising isn’t a magic button we could push, or a language we should learn just to get money - it’s become a strategic way of thinking about our work, our place in the sector, and the real public benefit of promoting creativity in everyday life in the Welsh Valleys. Emma’s support has made a big difference to Citrus Arts’ work in a very short time.

Citrus Arts

Emma helped us refocus our vision, mission and values and now we have an even clearer way forward to sustain and grow Dirty Protest Theatre through and beyond the current crisis, ready to take on the next one!  Dirty Protest


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