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Although Emma works with a fundraising focus, her commitment and enthusiasm for her work is centred on the bigger picture of resilience, sustainability and development of an organisation, the sector, and the place that culture has in the wider world. 

Fundraising is just one element of a successful package that leads to resilience and a strong future that is fundamentally based on working together in partnership. Successful sustainable fundraising is about the whole organisation; it’s about a common goal to create a project however big or small. Fundraising needs ‘buy-in’ from all involved from the Chair of the Board all the way through to the customer facing staff.


With a well thought through strategy forming the foundations of a fundraising plan, sustainable fundraising can be achieved that forms a reliable source on annual income.

There is a virtual fundraising circle that begins and ends with an excellent project – a project that is communicated effectively to inspire individuals and organisations to invest finances, time and energy that in turn are ploughed back into the project enriching and developing it to then inspire others. 

Emma is a strong believer that all elements of an organisation’s work, including fundraising need to be firmly rooted in the company’s ethos, vision and mission statements. Funding applications, sponsorship proposals and individual giving campaigns all need to reflect an organisation's brand and values. If this is achieved then an organisation is giving itself the best possible foundations for a healthy, strong fundraising approach. 


Done well with thorough planning and a strategy, fundraising is not just a means to an end. Successful fundraising through deep relationships can be a lifeline for an organisation that is both sustainable and reliable. In a time when public sector support is diminishing, successful fundraising is key to the future of many valuable projects and organisations. 



Blue Canary Fundraising is Emma Goad. With 20 years under her belt in the arts industry, Emma is an experienced and knowledgeable fundraiser. 


Emma's experience in the cultural world has strong foundations with a degree from the then Welsh College of Music & Drama in Stage Management. This training and subsequent working life 'backstage' continues to prove invaluable as her career moves forward, giving Emma a broad knowledge of theatre making. 


In 2004 Emma was employed as Development Director for Sgript Cymru, the national company for new stage writing and this is where her love for fundraising took hold.


In 2007 Sgript Cymru merged with the Sherman Theatre to create Sherman Cymru.

Whilst at Sherman Cymru as Head of Development, Emma created the strategy that proved successful in raising funds from a variety of sources for both revenue and capital projects. Giving the Sherman Theatre a sustainable fundraising focus for the first time in its then 30-year history. Emma’s most ambitious project to date was the £7 million redevelopment of the Sherman Theatre building, completed in February 2012.  She led the campaign to raise the match funding required to complete the project following the substantial investment from the Arts Council of Wales.

Blue Canary Fundraising was launched in September 2014. Since then Emma has had the pleasure of working with some of Wales' most exciting organisations and a number of inspiring companies across England, in both the arts and heritage sectors. See the Client List page for further information. 

Alongside Blue Canary, Emma is also an Associate Consultant for =mc Consulting and a Programme Leader on the National Arts Fundraising School 


Blue Canary was the inaugural winner of the Management Centre's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Fundraising. 


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